The new-generation 27V4 2.7 tonne mini-excavator, with an operating weight of 2635 kg, is distinguished by excellent performance, stability and comfort. Available in both canopy and cab versions.

The frame turning within the clearance of the tracks facilitates digging and loading also close to walls or places with little space available. The rotation speed of 9 revolutions/min enables higher performance at work. Accurate sizing of the hydraulic system allows to develop a bucket digging force of 21.0 kN (2140 kgf). The engine SHIBAURA S773-C is compact, small, light and simple. High efficiency of power and torque, low fuel and oil consumption, fuel pollution emissions reduced to a minimum, easy maintenance with lower production and operation costs. It complies with the regulations in force concerning pollutants emissions.

The 3-PUMP POWER SHIFT system allows independent operation of the arm, foremost arm and rotation. The operations are agile, fast and powerful in response to the operator.

Unified design or models of the V4 series: spare parts uniformity and interchangeability; components lay-out unification; ell balanced design to ensure high performance and stability

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